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Unleash the Power of Design

Unleash the Power of Design and Hire Top Remote Designers for Your Business with RemoteTechPeople

The importance of digital and design teams is continuing to grow as Australians move more of their everyday activities online. Having the right team to capture the opportunities in this digital age is a must for both companies and candidates. 

We work with businesses from startups to enterprise businesses to hire across all experiences levels in roles including:

✅ Visual Designer
✅ Digital Designer
✅ UI Designer
✅ UX Designer
✅ UX Architect
✅ Product Designer
✅ Interaction Designer
✅ Product Designer
✅ Web Designer
✅ Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

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Have You thought of The Design Process?

For businesses that haven’t had to think about the design process before, it can be a daunting prospect. It is the sign of a well-designed product or platform that the user barely notices what has happened to create what they’re using, and all the people involved before software engineers can start building.

For smaller start-ups, a solo designer will come on board to kick-start their design architecture, taking on the entire end-to-end process.

Larger enterprise businesses however will have specialised designers, some even split up into squads with developers to take on a smaller portion of the product (registration optimisation, dashboards, etc).

The Need for UX Design Research

To understand the underlying problems of a digital product, designers conduct User Experience (UX) research.

This research is significant to both new and existing products, as it provides an essential foundation to build upon. This can be taken on by a generalist UX Designer or a specialist UX Researcher, depending on the size of the product. 

UX research is one of the most important parts of the design process, and should not be overlooked. The research can be done with both users and stakeholders to find existing pain points and give direction to where the product should go.

Researchers can take on qualitative methodologies such as user interviews and surveys, a/b testing, creating user personas and competitor analysis, or can cover quantitative research like going through existing data.

UX Designers can Create a Strategy and User Journey

Once this foundation has been laid and designers know what users are looking for, UX designers can create a strategy and user journey.

UX designers must strike a balance between being creative and analytical to communicate effectively with users and other parts of the business, to make sure every person’s voice is heard and the product is as efficient as possible.

This usually means brainstorming and wireframing their ideas, and creating low-fidelity prototypes- ideally all while testing their designs with users. Many iterations can happen during the entire end-to-end process incorporating user feedback along the way.

The Final Stage of the Design Process

The last stage of the design process includes using User Interface (UI) practices such as sketching and high-fidelity prototyping to communicate ideas with stakeholders and users.

Design teams create mockups that are prototypes of the finished product, and add images, colours, typography etc. Once the user flow, visuals and wireframes are complete, it is passed on to software engineers.

The Collaborative UI Designer

It is very important that UI designers have a collaborative relationship with the engineering team to make sure they are able to bring the product to life.

Our Digital Design team has international experience and is dedicated to finding people who can create seamless customer experiences. We source across this niche, from expert designers to shape the experience for users to communications experts to bring new clients in and any other specialities in between.

Need help with which role should be your next hire, or how you can grow into a niche in Tech? Talk to our team today, we’d be happy to help you find the right fit.

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