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Ways to Work Better Remotely


Ways to Work Better Remotely

The Pandemic has passed, but Remote Work is here to stay. Here are ways to work better remotely.

With a significant portion of the workforce looking to stay remote now that the effects of the pandemic have been beginning to ease it has never been more important to make sure you have the key skills to do remote work correctly.

Work Better Remotely Tip 1

The first one is probably something you’re already very familiar with, virtual collaboration tools. Now whilst we’ve all probably had our fill of zoom and slack and google meet there’s probably some key functionality and tools that you could be using to collaborate better that were overlooked in the rush to go remote.

There’s also a degree of skill in ensuring you’re communicating online clearly what may come across as a joke to one person may be interpreted as passive aggressive to another without the help of visual cues.

Work Better Remotely Tip 2

This leads us into our next key skill communicating virtually it’s especially important if someone isn’t going to read your message for the next several hours. You’ve summarised your key points, actions and requirements clearly. This is especially important for teams that are working asynchronously.

If your team member has to come back to you for clarification it can lead to significant delays. Another important key skill is time management. Whilst this one might seem obvious without the constant communication with your colleagues in the office it’s easy to forget or fall behind or miscommunicate due dates which can lead to anger and confusion.

Work Better Remotely Tip 3

It’s always important to make sure you’re staying on track and you’ve had a clear and open conversation about what is expected of you and your other teammates. While these skills might seem obvious and pretty simple when you’re going remote it’s really important that you’re intentional about how you interact with your colleagues and the platforms that you have available to make sure you get the best work out of your day.



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